We all know AR Rahman as a great musician but how many of us know that he is running an institution that offers professional program in Music and Music Technology.

“KM Music conservatory” is an institution run by Rahman which educates students in Indian and Western Classical music. It is India‚Äôs First Apple authorized training centre. It provides courses at different levels, check the site to get more info.

See the performance of one of the students from this institute.

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  1. rahul roshan salecha says:

    sir m ur very big fan… i luv u lotzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  2. manjul jain says:

    well sir.. i am crazy about ur music.. “crazy fan”. i just love love ur music, and singing..
    i know very well that before 14year back first time when i was in 8standerd heard that vandemarthram song sung by rehman sir. just got loved by song n voice. from that day to till today i heard almost all music in film or in album. even sir i have a magical sense that i identify rehman sir music even just listening starting theme or rethyme… so now i want to about music of rehman sir.. m just madly love the music of rehman sir… i want to join ur class.. n follow ur disciple too.. plz join me.. thanx sir.

  3. Aashish Sharma says:

    Hello sir i m Ur big fan.i want to meet u just one time.

  4. mahimaha says:

    hi sir,
    im one of ur crazy fans,
    i love nd live in ur music,
    and also ur my fav singer, i love ur voice to,
    i just want to congratulates kmmc, hope it makes more n more musicians like u.
    if all things goes write, i ll be the one of the merit student of kmmc, hope so.
    thanking you sir,

  5. babu says:

    wowoowwoowo i am great fan sirrrr

  6. vinod reddy says:

    hi rahman sir,,,u r fabulous and fantabulous person more than a musican,,,we indians connected u emotionally through music,,,,i have seen u all interviews in you tube where i can see ur humbleness,,,i love u sir.

  7. Mubarak says:

    i luv u sir. i am urs biggest fan of the world.i proud to be an ar fan

  8. sirajudeen ar says:

    hello , rehman sir assalamuwallaikkum naan ungaloodo romba periya fan ennakum ungala madhiri oru music directorra varanumnu aasai naan ippa bobbayla irruka chennai varumbothu eppadiyavathu ungala pathe thiranu athan yennoda assai

  9. Partha says:

    Sir from assam…..my video site is http://www.youtube.com/parthaguitar……my email is parthaguitar@rediffmail.com…please encourage me

  10. joy guru.i want to admit plz help me and i want meet your

  11. joy guru. I want to read the sound engineer.plz sugest.joy guru

  12. rahima jinna says:

    yellam pugazhum iraivanukae..may alwyz god blez u&all ji..